Middle School

Middle school students are a wonderful group. One minute they are lost “little kids” and the next, they think they are adults . . . Five minutes later they KNOW they are adults! When you look at the changes going on in their lives, it is easy to understand why there is so much confusion. Using Storytelling in the Middle School is the perfect way to reach into confused minds and let them SEE the material that they are to learn. These children have grown up with flashing visuals in front of them. They have to see something to understand what is going on. They have fantastic hand eye coordination, but have not had the experience of CREATING in their own mind!

Original Virtual Reality Experience

This wonderful age group doesn’t think that it is “cool” to get involved in learning. When faced with the greatest “wordsmiths” of them all, Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain, they suddenly want to become involved. They learn that Storytelling was the Original Virtual Reality Experience. This is the time for an advanced “build your own story” where the kids create their own storyline. I usually set the story till time is up in the program and inform them, “You have homework! We are out of time and we haven’t created an ending to our story”. Each student must write his own ending to the story. Most teachers send me the results. I just received a story back from a teacher with the comment, “I can’t believe this student wrote this! I can’t get him to write two sentences, and you have him writing two pages after only 45 minutes.”

Artist in Residence

There is nothing better that looking into the eyes of a Middle School student and KNOWING that you have “reached him.” Teaching middle school students to collect stories from Senior Citizens is one of those ways. This usually involves an Artist in Residence program which has the students learning the techniques of collecting stories. At the same time, Senior Citizen Volunteers are trained how to tell stories through a focused telling of events of their past. The Student and Volunteer are put together and the student “collects” stories of WW II, Korea, and just growing up in a different time . . . The student learns that “Old Folks” are real people! The Senior Citizen Volunteer learns that all Middle School students aren’t so bad after all, AND EVERYONE WINS !!!

In-Service Training

Have any “Alphabet” students in your school? Those BD, LD and ADHD children learn best when they see pictures in their minds of the subject being taught. Learn the easy tricks of teaching using storytelling techniques to improve the ability to reach these (and ALL) students. Librarians and classroom teachers can learn to “Put down the Book . . . And Tell” so that they can communicate the real fun and joy of reading. Find out how to reach those minds that sometimes seem out of reach. Learn how to take those wonderful stories from Literature and make books come alive in their minds. Get Middle School Students EXCITED about learning!