In-Service Training

These classes can be configured from 1 hour to 6 hours.

Target audience: Classroom teachers, grades K-12
Parents and staff

“Using storytelling techniques as learning tools in the classroom.”

There are storytellers in all students! Some are hidden more than others! By teaching the art of storytelling, the students are allowed to begin to use their minds in a creative manner. A storytelling unit can be the point where the right brain learner makes the connection with learning through imaging and visualization. When that student discovers his true abilities, it may be your “success story” of the behavior disorder student who makes good! Give all children the opportunity to learn and progress in the way they are programmed to learn.

“Storytelling, the original virtual reality experience... Make that experience come alive in your classroom!”

Storytelling is no longer just for entertainment! The use of Storytelling techniques is a unique and positive way of enhancing the learning capabilities of elementary students. The ability of the student to communicate with their peers, teachers and parents builds self esteem and self worth. The use of storytelling to bring the family together through intergenerational stories allows children to learn about the lives of their parents and grandparents and builds a sense of community in the family. When the child learns storytelling, the parents also begin to communicate with teachers and the school administration. This workshop would be a positive experience for administrators, teachers, staff development, summer care, youth and child development, parent involvement, and curriculum staff.

“Put down that book! . . . And tell the story”

It is a very difficult thing for teachers and Librarians to put down their “crutch” and tell students the story. Our students very seldom have the opportunity to look a teacher in the eye. When telling a story, teachers can focus their entire attention on the students. They also allow the students to “see a movie in their minds” that is the STORY, not the words on the page. This workshop gives simple techniques for making literature fun for students. . . And the teacher.

“Teaching writing through Storytelling.”

Before a student can begin to write, they need to have the “story” focused in their minds. The concepts of Beginning, Storyline, Ending, is mandatory to a well written story or theme. It all comes back to visualization.

Speciality Training

In-service training can be done for almost any specialty. Programs are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Parent-Teacher meetings

Tired of the same old boring meetings? Have Steve Otto make those sessions come alive with stories and FUN ! Have your PTA council join in an in service training program which shows parents how to communicate with their children using the techniques of Storytelling.