High School

Storytelling for High School? You’ve got to be kidding, Storytelling is for little kids! They would laugh you right out the door. . .

English and Composition

Before students can be expected to write, they must have the basis of story and using their minds as a creative springboard to writing. Teaching classes from remedial English to advanced creative writing classes, I have students use their imagination and Storytelling techniques to prepare for the writing experience.


Math is made up of word problems. If your student can visualize an image of that word problem, they can learn the concept. Science experiments need to be visualized. In other words, almost everything that is taught in High School can benefit from the use of storytelling techniques.

Drama and Forensics

These programs are perfect classes to use storytelling. Students who are not the “star performers” on stage, often make excellent storytellers. Ones who cannot memorize a speech or read well can excel as storytellers. The fact that it is not necessary to learn lines to tell stories brings out the creative nature of students, and allows them to participate in extracurricular activities. In smaller schools that do not have the facilities, budget or participation to stage productions, Storytelling gives the outlet to the performance minded student. Storytelling gives students the opportunity to learn a skill which will be valuable to them in whatever endeavor they decide to pursue after High School. Very few students will be able to make it in the field of Theatre, BUT EVERY STUDENT NEEDS THE ABILITY TO STAND UP IN FRONT OF AN GROUP. . . AND TALK!

History and Social Studies

It happened to me! My freshman year in college, I enrolled in a class called Recent European History . . . My prof came into class the first day and said “This is your text” . . . and proceeded to throw it in the trash can. He then told us STORIES! Wonderful stories of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I still remember those classes. The memory of that period of History is emblazoned on my mind. I ended up with a history minor because of that teacher! History is NOT dates and names . . . It is the Stories of the time and how those events changed the course of history. Your high school students will come to love history if it is made fun and alive by the use of story.

Physical Education and Coaching

Visualization is a proven enhancement to athletic endeavor. Many athletes need the ability to “see plays in their minds” to visualize themselves performing individual athletic endeavors. Storytelling can get their minds into the frame of creating. Once that is established they can “practice” anytime, any day.

In-Service Training

Have any “Alphabet” students in your school? Those BD, LD and ADHD Children learn best when they see pictures in their minds of the subject being taught. Learn the easy tricks of teaching using storytelling techniques to improve the ability to reach these (and ALL) students. Librarians and classroom teachers can learn to “Put down the Book . . . And Tell” so that they can communicate the real fun and joy of reading. Find out how to reach those minds that sometimes seem out of reach. Teach you High School students that writing is fun and can enhance their lives. Learn how to take those wonderful stories from Literature and make books come alive in their minds. Learn to make stories out of history so that it becomes their favorite class. Get High School Students EXCITED about learning.

In short, Storytelling for High School? . . . You Bet ! ! !