School Age Child Care

There is no more important goal of School Age Child Care programs than teaching students how to relate to others! Students need to learn to relate by communication with their peers, instructors, teachers, parents and grandparents…And the best way to learn to communicate? Storytelling!!!

Individual Programs

Storytelling programs are great for School Age Child Care Development. Because of the variety of age and ability, the use of storytelling programs during the SACC time offers students the opportunity to relate to the individual story and “see” the story in their minds and learn that Reading can be fun! Individual storytelling programs is a perfect option when all day sessions come up on the school schedule. Several schools can have storytelling during the day for a reduced daily rate. The use of storytelling as an integral part of the SACC program allows students to “come down” from physical activities and use their minds to create.

Artist in Residence Programs

Working with students for an extended period gives children the opportunity to grow as students and citizens. This is a popular program for Summer and Vacation times; it allows more time for the students to learn without realizing they are being taught. An Artist in Residence can be developed based on the needs and requirements of the individual program. This allows the school district to offer specialized programming to their students which enhance the learning experience of the School Age Child Care program.

Storytelling Clubs

The storytelling club is an opportunity for SACC programs to move into the community and integrate intergenerational programming into the school setting. The “club” setting allows students to learn the basics of storytelling and communications. The integration of senior citizens into the process gives the opportunity for intergenerational cross-flow of ideas and stories. The students find that “old folks” did some really fantastic things when they were younger and still have good ideas. The “senior generation” sees that the schools are providing a valuable service, and that all kids are pretty much the same as when they were children. When the generations begin to share their stories, a new respect is built which fosters intergenerational communication.

In Service Training

Staff training for SACC programs is a necessity! The ability to bring staff training directly into the school setting is a plus. Training can be designed to meet the needs of each Program, and can be offered in conjunction with other programs. Steve has provided seminars for three national SACC conferences as well as Missouri, Iowa and Kansas State conferences. Evaluations of his seminars are included.