STories for adults

Stories are not just for kids anymore

Stories have always been the way that our history and traditions have been passed from generation to generation. This program brings an entertaining program of stories from across the world. Jack tales as well as the Tall Tales of the Missouri Ozarks are brought to life. The wonderful, funny, stories or people who made their lives out of the rough Missouri hills. This presentation is for entertainment. The program is built on the Tall Tales. It is suggested for groups who want an light hearted session and want to go home telling what they heard that day. This program can be presented to any size group.

Remember When?

Do you remember Radio . . . Real Radio! Those days when the whole family sat around the console and WATCHED the radio! This program brings back those days when things were simpler and families did things together. We grew up in a simpler life! But one we all remember. This program opens the window to the past that most have forgotten. The stories of our lives that were wonderful yet bittersweet. This program can be presented to any size group.

Tell your own story!

The stories of our past tell us who we are! This program gets the entire audience talking about the way we grew up. Our traditions, our fun, Learning to do things before TV, Computers, and $25,000 dollar cars. The program is not limited to senior groups. Everyone has their personal stories to tell, and this program teaches the basic skills to tell these stories.

The top of the list of stress creating situations in every survey is getting up in front of a group and speaking in public. There are several reasons for this but the way storytellers learn their stories is by visualization and imaging. The personal story is the best way to begin to tell and speak in public because the story is locked in the sub conscious just waiting to come out when prompted. This session brings those stories out into the light of day and allows the audience to tell their own stories by telling one on one with a partner. This technique has been used with audiences up to 500.

Inspirational Stories

The phenomenal success of the Chicken Soup books is based on the need to have an inspirational story to take to our hearts. These stories are perfect for the church group as well as Club events. These stories will give the audience a lift and good feeling to take home with them. Excellent program for women's groups. The stories are heartwarming and enlightening.

Scary Stories

Everyone likes to be scared! These stories are classics of the best in ghost stories. Some surprise endings are always to be expected. Included in this program are some of the masterpieces of literature, including The Monkey s Paw and The Tell Tale Heart as well as classic stories such as The Golden Arm. This program is a favorite for all ages. Middle School to Senior centers all love an evening of scary stories.

Holiday Stories

Celebrate the season with the stories of the Holidays. These are the wonderful classics of Literature such as The Gift of the Maji. A wonderful way to make your season complete. This is a popular program for all age groups. It is very effective for holiday events for groups.

Church and Religious Programming

The stories and storytellers of the church have been passing the history, creeds, mores, and love of the Bible down through history. Storytelling in the church has had an important place long before “Three points and a prayer” became the acceptable way of preaching.

The ability of the congregation to listen, hear, and understand the word of God is multiplied by the use of delivery that is understandable in the mind and heart. . . That way is the way that Jesus taught, the way that the rabbis taught, and the way that storytellers still communicate. . . STORY!

Programs are available for a wide variety of audiences and needs. Workshops are available to assist church staff and laymen to stand up in front of a group and “tell their story.” Storytelling programs are specifically designed to meet the “needs and wants” of the individual church. Programs are available for audiences from pre school to “Senior Groups.”