What they are saying about Steve Otto

Workshop Presentations

National School Age Child Care Conference, Orlando, FL

  • “This is “Monday Morning” material.”
  • “You've got big goals - I hope you reach them. These Workshops can only help.”
  • “Storytelling is truly a lost art! But I just found it!”
  • “Great! I will use this material.”

National School Age Child Care Conference, St. Louis, MO

  • “Great workshop! Creative ideas.”
  • “GREAT!!!”
  • “Fantastic”
  • “Super!”

National Older Youth Conference, Minneapolis, MI

  • “My Best Workshop!!”
  • “Wonderful Workshop - Excellent - Thank you!”
  • “Fantastic !”

Missouri Association of School Librarians

  • “Fantastic!! Wonderful presentation. Information extremely useful!”
  • “What Fun!” . . . made this session priceless!
  • “Great information and presentation, I plan to use all of it next week!”
  • “Steve was wonderful! Kept Audience Attention. Time Flew.”
  • “Needed more time to absorb all the wonderful ideas.”
  • “For the first time I feel I can tell stories.”
  • “I can’t wait to tell stories in my Library.”
  • “Need a double session for all the information.”

Northlands Storytelling Network Annual Conference - Madison Wisconsin

  • “This workshop helped me greatly to make a self examination of my stories and style.”
  • “Loved the bibliography and being able to participate in the workshop
  • “I learned so much new and reaffirmed some of my ideas.”
  • “He’s REALLY good! He never used his storytelling to “show off”! Each story he told was to illustrate a point of how to tell.”
  • “Extremely interesting and motivational!”
  • “Great Job! The interactivity in the session was GREAT!”


Storytelling Evaluation comments:

  • “Very Professional and entertaining!”
  • “Excellent Stage Presence! Dynamic, entertaining and humorous.”
  • “Sure Knows his stuff! Fantastic!”
  • “Steve has a passion for storytelling that carries through to each story.”
  • “He made me know that I could tell a story and make it fun for others.”
  • “You can tell he loves his work . . . And he is VERY GOOD at what he does.”
  • “Excellent . . . Is there a word better than Excellent. That would describe Steve.”
  • “Excellent, made the audience feel special, gave 100%.”
  • “His Stories took us to other places and other times, and we didn’t want to go home.”
  • “The variety of the stories in his “pack” are unbelievable. In one program he had us crying from emotion, laughter, and fear. I don’t think our group has ever given a standing ovation to any other speaker.”
  • “He has stories for every age group and program. I heard him tell ghost stories to my Middle School students on one program, a senior program for a church group and then a pre school class. All three audiences were entranced by his voice and storytelling and were asking for more.”
  • “To watch his facial changes and listen to the myriad of voices he uses, is to watch a master at work!”